The Chief of Xbox 1 clowns Halo Infinite Video Game

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Microsoft Company shared a preview of how the new Halo game will look like at its E3 Xbox in a press conference. Halo infinite is yet to complete its second trilogy in the blockbusters series. However, the game was only briefly teased. Extended time was offered to other exclusive game companies with titles like Forza and the Fresh Machineries of War. New games in the franchise were also included in this category. Microsoft Company also confirmed that it purchased multiple Indie studios including two leading UK developers. The tech giant reported that it needed more time so that it could be able to build up its range of first-party content.

In Los Angeles, a total of 18 ‘Console Launch’ exclusives were made public through a press conference announcement. Michael Pachter commented giving Microsoft a solid A-grade at the latest developments. Michael is a close follower of the video games industry for the Wedbush Securities. Stephen Totilo, the editor-in-chief of games, said that it was impressive to witness companies investing in more first-party gaming. With the subscription service in place, the industry is getting better and better each day.

Long-term Microsoft rivals, Nintendo and Sony, reported that they would preview their titles in the coming weeks. The sale of the Xbox is somehow lagging behind that of Sony Company. This has been a significant test for Microsoft to try to convince a third-party publisher to try and limit games to their platforms. At the end of March, over 39.1 million pieces of Xbox One were bought worldwide. According to a research firm known as IHS Markit, this encompassed all versions of the game machine. In contrast to this, over 76.6 million pieces of Sony’s PlayStation 4 consoles were purchased across the globe.

Microsoft Company has two advantages with the E3. The Xbox one X that was released last year November and had remarkable and powerful graphics’ hardware compared to that of the PlayStation 4 Pro. Additionally, Microsoft offers Xbox Game users a Netflix like subscription service that has access to over 100 titles inclusive of the new first-party releases.

The organization confirmed that the service would soon be beneficial from FastStar. This is a new resource facility that will utilize the use of machine learning techniques. These techniques speed up game loading times. However, it was not adequately explained. The firm also reported that the release of the enhanced editions of Tom Clancy’s and Fallout 4 would soon be added.

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