Avery Ranch Golf: 5 Ways to Get Kids Excited About Golf

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Sharing in your love for golf with a child is a great way to build relationship as well as encourage your child. Kids need an extra boost of encouragement from parents when learning a new sport. There are many golf club memberships near me that have options for both parents and children out on the green including Avery Ranch Golf Club. Here are 5 ways to get kids excited about joining you for a round of golf this season:

Go Slowly

There is nothing more frustrating to a kid learning a new sport than getting overwhelmed with everything that there is to learn. Go slowly in teaching your child how to golf and understand that it will take time to bring them up to a competitive level. Teach things one step at a time like working on putting or club selection based on the circumstances. Allow your child to naturally progress from one step to another in order to build upon the lessons of golf.

Make It Fun

Kids don’t like boring so make sure that your child is excited to learn the game of golf by making it extra fun. Order your child a special soda while out on the green and create little games that you both can do together to hone their skills. Clubs like Avery Ranch offer junior lessons and camps that can help make golf even more fun for kids while they learn with other kids their age. Don’t let the stuffiness of golf overshadow just how much fun the game can be.

Make It Special

If your child is learning how to play golf with an old set of rusty clubs their excitement will quickly fade. Spoil your child in the Pro Shop at Avery Ranch by picking up a new set of clubs or a new golfing outfit that fits them perfectly. Grabbing some gear at the Pro Shop will help them feel more included in the game of golf and feel like a real golfer. Taking them to the club after a round for dinner is another way to add to your golf lesson and create time to get to know each other better. Little touches like this can go a long way in helping your child know that this is a special time for you both.

Go Beyond Golf

Golfing is so much more than a game or a sport: it is a strategy. Get kids involved in the mind games involved in golf by creating different scenarios or sharing your own experiences out on the green. Show them clips of old golf tournaments where the pressure was high and the golfer still made the shot. Explain to your child how life lessons learned on the course can correlate to things that they may be facing in school like pressure to get good grades, bullying, or taking chances when the stakes are high.

Grab a Friend

Kids want to do things that involve other kids so invite a best friend to tag along on a day out on the green. Doing so will show your child that you approve of their friendship as well as get both of the kids excited about playing golf together. Nurture those golf friendships and continue to invite friends to join you who may not have access to a golf club. Making golf about friendships and fun is a great way to teach your child the game of golf.

There are so many benefits to teaching your child golf. You can not only create a better relationship with them but you can also teach them some very powerful life lessons while out on the course. Go slowly in teaching them the game and make sure have some fun with it. Make it special by buying them something from the Pro Shop or having dinner after a round. Invite some friends to join you and share your own golfing experiences with your child. Doing all of these things are great ways to get your child interested in the golf game that you love.

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