Women Need More Flexible Job Opportunities–The Work World Is Not Woman-Friendly


There is an enormous amount of potential when it comes to the talents of women—particularly stay-at-home moms. Society is caught in a mindset where everyone has to specifically work a “9-to-5” job with set hours—a mindset that formed in the Industrial Age. Generally, there is very little to no flexibility and accommodation for people who either don’t want to work set hours or aren’t able to.

This is especially harmful to women who choose to be stay-at-home moms. Many stay-at-home moms would actually like to work, but the options are so few when it comes to jobs with flexible schedules and jobs that can be done at home. Unfortunately, this lack of accommodation for women means that there is so much untapped talent in society. It is especially detrimental for society, as a whole, because all of the wasted talent could be put toward bettering the human condition and earning billions of dollars in profits.

The lack of accommodation for women means that many women are forced into menial, undignified types of jobs where their talents are not being fully used. For example, one of the few options for women is to sell overpriced products and toiletries to their social contacts. Oftentimes, their social contacts do not really want or need those products, but they just buy them out of pity and/or pressure.

There are many reasons for why this problem exists. One reason is the fact that in our society, progressives spew the belief that women are liberated by being allowed into the staunch “9-to-5” world of work. This may be good for women who truly do enjoy that sort of lifestyle. However, rigid “9-to-5” jobs are actually very limiting for women, and are not truly women-friendly. Women are usually the ones who take on the task of domestic activities and child-rearing—roles that demand a flexible schedule and the expectation that anything can happen.

Progressives can boast about how they think that women are free, since women are allowed into these staunch schedules. However, in reality, the cold, hard truth for many women is that if they want children, they are going to have to choose between having a career with staunch hours or having children (but not fully utilizing their other talents outside of domestic jobs and child rearing).

The biggest travesty is that you get these women with careers who claim that they speak on behalf for “all women,” while belittling the family life that other women choose. Some people think that women like this are actually sad, angry or resentful about their own decisions.

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