Signs Present For Imminent Eruption In Hawaii

Volcanic Eruption

Hawaii has experienced its share of hazardous events over the past few weeks. There are new warnings by scientists that a volcano could erupt at any time. Lava fissures opened on Hawaii’s Big Island just recently. When fissures become active, it usually indicates that an eruption is imminent at some point in the near future. The National Guard has been called in to offer assistance to the people who live in Hawaii. Officials are ready to use helicopters and other means of transportation to get as many people off the island as possible if an eruption occurs or if there are any further signs shown from the volcano that it will erupt in the near future.

There are about 190,000 people who live on what is called the Big Island. The island is roughly 200 miles from Oahu. The volcanic activity that is taking place is not impacting Oahu, which is the capital of the state. Scientists have been paying attention to the lava levels of the volcano on the Big Island. It has been lowering over the past several days, and if it reaches a point where it’s below sea level, the water can begin to interact with the lava. This would create steam and gases that would be hazardous, if not deadly, to breathe in as well as ash pouring from the volcano.

Large boulders could be thrown from the volcano. Ash will likely spread over 12 miles if an eruption occurs. Scientists and government officials fear that there won’t be any more warning signs from the volcano before it erupts. New fissures are opening every day, which is an indication that something is about to happen. Residents are encouraged to seek shelter or to leave the island if possible. The National Guard has all of the materials and vehicles needed to begin evacuations and rescues within 90 minutes of warnings being issued.

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