President Trump’s Son-in-Law Has Been Granted Security Clearance


The son-in-law to the US president, Jared Kushner, has been awarded security clearance by the White House. This clearance renews Kushner’s access to intelligence that has been termed as highly sensitive. The new developments will pave the way for Kushner’s more active role in the trump administration’s inner circle. It is presumed that Kushner has been granted a high-level clearance regarded by the White House as SCI or top Secret. This level of clearance would give Kushner access to the daily security briefings of the US president. He will also be able to access classified documents that have been designated for access by the US president.

In February this year, Jared Kushner was stripped of the coveted privilege amid concerns that there were plans by foreign governments to manipulate him. The main reason why there was so much suspicion on the president’s son-in-law was that he has a sophisticated web of corporate ties in many countries around the globe. By granting a security clearance to Kushner, the White House has potentially brought an end to a troubled patch for the president’s son-in-law. Just a month after the downgrading of Kushner’s security status, it was revealed that Robert S. Mueller had become interested in Kushner’s business ties. Mueller is the British special counsel who has been tasked to investigate the Russian interference on the 2016 presidential campaigns and elections.

It also came to light the Mueller developed an interest in the attempts by Kushner to regain the refinancing of the flagship property of his family at the 666th Avenue in New York from foreign companies. However, the decision by the FBI to grant Kushner a permanent security clearance concludes that trump’s son-in-law might have turned a corner. The New York Times first reported the move to grant a security clearance to Kushner. Attorneys have argued that such level of security clearance would not have been given to Mr Kushner if he was still in a legal quagmire.

Ever since the announcement by the FBI Kushner has displayed a lot of confidence in his position. Abbe Lowell, who serves as Kushner’s lawyer made a statement to CNN saying that his client had been questioned for the second time by the Mueller investigation team in less than one month. However, Lowell insisted that there were no financial discussions in the questioning. Instead, Kushner’s attorney said that the investigators stuck to the Trump-Russia investigation.

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