President Trump Is Creating His Own Perfect Storm

Politics, President D. Trump

Twenty years ago, Bill Clinton was sitting where Trump is sitting today. Clinton was under rapid political fire for his unpresidential like behavior in the White House. Republicans wanted to send the burger eating president back to Arkansas, but Clinton had other intentions. Mr. Clinton had teams in place to handle the accusations and quiet the political lynching crowd. Clinton’s management of the West Wing, as well as his tenacious legal team, along with his political staff came together as a cohesive group. And they were able to pull Clinton out of the fire of public opinion with only a few minor burns. Clinton left office with a 65 percent approval rating.

There’s a big difference in the way Trump is handling his political and legal issues. Clinton knew he needed to show the country and the world he made a mistake without actually saying he made one publically. Trump can’t turn himself into a mild-mannered, good looking, southern Rhodes scholar at this stage in his oversized life. Trump is a New York-made egotistical capitalist who believes his way of managing is the right way. But the people he chose to manage are leaving the halls of the White House like a pack of rats who ate the cheese and then went potty on the people who gave them the cheese.

Mr. Trump’s vision of grandeur and political correctness, as well as his rants on Twitter, show the country, and the world, that he is nothing like Bill Clinton. He can’t come out of the box the special prosecutor and the Democrats are standing on without some serious political, business and personal injuries. There is too much dirty laundry in Trump’s presidential resume to let him continue to mislead and fool the voters who believe he can withstand any sort of scrutiny.

The clock is ticking, and a perfect storm is brewing. Captain yellow hair is waving his red hat as the people he belittles day after day are slowing pulling him under the swamp like gators who need a healthy dose of his New York developer, reality star, skin. It’s not going to be pretty watching Trump try to maneuver through those gators infested waters. His tweets will fly, and the insults will turn uglier, but they won’t be enough to save Trump from putting the finishing touches on his own demise.

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