Now that Roseanne is down and out, what are the Lessons?


Last night’s cancelation of the Roseanne show is a clear indication and a reminder that the US is not yet mature to handling issues of social and racial importance with the required levels of maturity and regard. It is somehow ironical that while Roseanne Barr was tweeting a sensitive matter that stung almost everyone except herself, Starbucks was on the other hand just winding up its revolutionary training to equip its workers with the right skills on how to handle matters of bias, the same matter that took Roseanne down.

The otherwise-highly rated comedian anchored by the ABC media corporation perhaps may have taken her jokes too far. However, we must realize that that is the society in which we live in today, one in which one must work hard not to appear racially inspired. The moment that we stop working towards that goal, that’s when we turn back to our ‘normal’ selves of being racists.

It is these incidences that remind us as to how far we have come and the little achievements that we have made in the fight against racism. Our racial wounds as a nation are yet to heal. It is not those who trod on such would that would cause them to bleed; it is the manner in which we respond to them. Whereas Roseanne’s tweet was met with stark opposition, little is going to happen in the society as far as the law is concerned.

Just as one can err in the law and be tried by the law, one can err outside the law and not be prosecuted for the same. Roseanne’s erring on the moral and social unwritten law implied that she was wrong for having tweeted insensitively. However, we must, to some extent, come to a true definition of what racism is and how to differentiate it from socially insensitive talk and actions. What about if her victim was white? Would she be still fired? Or would it be regarded as an insensitive joke?

Roseanne is just a tip of the iceberg especially as far as racism-related incidences are concerned. There are a host of other ‘culprits’ out there who continue to enjoy liberties and rights despite having acted to insinuate indifferently on the matter of racial orientation. President Trump, according to CNN, is just one of them. Whereas racism is not acceptable, there is need to have proper boundaries, if possible, written out and defined by the law so that we don’t entertain further individuals who wrong us racially yet allow them to entertain us.

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