North Korea Responds with Optimism after Trump’s Cancellation of the Singapore Summit

Singapore Summit

Within hours after President Trump announced the cancelation of the ambitious Singapore summit between his administration and North Korea, the North Korea administration has responded and maintained optimism that progress towards the summit would eventually get back on course. The carefully-worded response from the North Korean regime was issued through Kim Kye Gwan, the Vice Foreign Minister on Friday.

In the statement, the Kim Jong Un’s administration clarified that it was working towards a lasting solution amidst the current spate of standoffs between the two nations. He dispelled any fears that the government was sabotaging the highly anticipated peaceful resolution of the standoff between the two countries and said that a resolution was imminent in the near future.

The historic summit between North Korea and the US was slated for June 12th in Singapore after the recent spate of animosity between the two nations that nearly escalated to a full-blown military conflict. The proposal for the meeting had been advanced after North Korea abandoned its nuclear weapons bid and unconditional release of US prisoners

In his part, the US president strongly condemned the North Korean regime for having frustrated the plans for the peace talks. Statements, according to Trump, issued by the Korean regime hinted unwillingness and cast doubts on whether the administration had committed itself on the course of diplomatic talks that would see the two countries come together.

Particulars detailing the sabotage efforts by North Korea revealed that the country constantly avoided contact with US officials for a considerable amount of time and in a manner that derailed the negotiation process. Negotiators from the US were, for instance, allegedly responded to by propaganda information after days of chiding diplomatic phone calls.

Responding to these allegations, official statements from North Korea reported that the US was to blame for the failed talks since senior US officials were expressing raged comments that a regime change would be an imminent and lasting solution for the people of North Korea.

It was however determined that the two nations continued communicating at a lower level of administration, even after President Trump and Kim’s remarks on the cancelation of the summit.

Elsewhere, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is in constant touch with his South Korean counterpart, Kang Kyung-Wha. Details of their engagements are reportedly surrounding the aborted meeting, even as they intend to create a fresh conducive environment for a new wave of talks with the North.

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