Former Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson Warns of an Ethical crisis in The US

Rex Tillerson

The Former head of the State Department, Rex Tillerson has said that there is a growing crisis in integrity and ethics in the American public life. The former secretary was speaking in an apparent sweep of President Trump on Wednesday. Tillerson said that the American people were in the process of relinquishing their freedoms by choosing to accept alternative realities that were no longer backed up by truth or facts. Tillerson was speaking to graduates at the Virginia Military Institute. Rex Tillerson was fired by President Trump in March this year. Tillerson had been at the helm of the US State Department for barely a year before he was fired.

However, Tillerson did not mention President Trump by name in his address at the graduation. The graduation involved the commissioning of cadets at the Virginia military academy in Lexington. Tillerson warned that the crisis that involved integrity and truthfulness in the American political system was serving as a threat to US democracy. The former secretary of state said that when the American people, who brag to be in in a free world, go wobbly on facts that affect the American society, it often ends up ugly on the US.

He said that the current political climate had foregone the truth even in the most trivial of matters. He warned that the American democracy would be entering its twilight years if US citizens fail to confront the integrity and ethics crisis. He added that such an occurrence would be putting the security of the Free World in jeopardy. He warned that both the public and private sectors needed to do an inventory of what they thought was right for them and the American society at large. Tillerson’s address at the cadet’s graduation was the first public appearance since President Donald Trump dismissed him. During his tenure as the head of the State Department, Tillerson was in policy collision with the White House for most of the foreign policy issues.

The US President Donald Trump has at many times made a statement through his White House Press Secretary, or tweets that were not backed by facts. For instance, Trump tweeted that the crowd at his 2017 inauguration and swearing in ceremony was bigger than the January 2009 crowd during Obama’s inauguration. This was a complete lie since there was clear evidence to the contrary. Recently, Trump denied claims that over $100,000 payment was made by his lawyer, Michael Cohen to Stormy Daniels.

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