Donald Trump Jr. Making Headlines in Yet Another Ignorant Move

Donald Trump Jr.

Just how low can this family go? That is the question on many people’s minds as more information emerges about the Trump family, most notably its involvement in swaying the 2016 Presidential election through the use of a friendly relationship with WikiLeaks.

Capturing the headlines on Tuesday was Donald Trump Jr. and the news that he communicated with WikiLeaks, in an effort to relay information to his father in the month leading up to the election. According to the report in The Atlantic, Trump Jr. corresponded directly with WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, while asking the correspondents for intel used to affect the outcome of the election. The correspondence on its own was not the smartest move by Trump Jr, however, the ignorance was elevated to another level when one considers that the communication happened via an unsecured Twitter platform.

As an international organization charged with publishing news leaks and classified media information by anonymous sources, WikiLeaks has little to no accountability, and the Trump family was able to capitalize on this nature. Time has proven over and over again that WikiLeaks is friendly with Russian interests while showing signs of hostility to the US government. The Trump family took this obvious bias and ignored it, using WikiLeaks to climb their way to the top, with no concern over how it would affect the safety and security of their own country. Assange has been demonstrated to possess questionable morals at best, yet Trump Jr. willingly continued to correspond with him.

The stunning revelation would have been a bombshell in any other past administration. However, with this current family in power, the shocking news is something that is an everyday occurrence with this administration. Does the public have scandal fatigue? As with the multitude of other scandals, the Trump family will most likely get through this one relatively unscathed. And as past scandals have shown the country, it is not the Trumps who will bear the consequences. It is the American people who will ultimately pay the price for the gross negligence and corrupt moral code of their President and his family.

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