How Conservative Groups Wield Secret Toolkit to Plot against American Unions

The State Policy Network

Activists from the political rightwing are launching a drive throughout the United States. The drive is meant to persuade trade union members from the public sector to stop paying dues and tear up their cards of membership. Such a step would pose a threat of gigantic proportions to the progressive movement in the United States. One of the big media houses in the US has obtained documents that have revealed that a network of radical Republican think tanks are planning direct marketing campaigns throughout the 50 states. The drives are targeted at the members of public trade unions to encourage them to quit. The group hopes that the secret push could cost the public unions more than 20% of their members who are more than 7 million in number.

The move will also lead to the loss of income in millions of dollars and serve to undermine a cornerstone of progressive politics in the United States. The internal documents suggest that opt-out campaigns that are well run can cause a 5% to 20% decline in public sector trade unions membership. This would cost the unions millions of dollars in dues. Such a move can end up affecting the resources and attention available for the leaders of the unions to devote to political campaigns. The brainchild of the State Policy Network is the marketing drive for anti-union policies. The State Policy Network is an alliance of all the 50 states and more than 60 think tanks. This collaboration has over $80 million to fund the regressive policies of President Donald Trump.

Such policies include the introduction of a smaller executive branch of government and the GOP tax legislation. The group is receiving funding from top billionaires in the United States such as the Walton family foundation and the Koch brothers. Previous SPN literature that was exposed by a leading newspaper in the US has uncovered the political intentions behind the attacks on the unions by the network. The network aims to defang and defund the unions in the public sector to reverse the poor decisions and failed policies of the American liberals. The group’s goal was to deprive the American left of accessing the millions of dollars in dues from the members of the unions. The funds are extracted from the union members unwillingly in every election cycle. The SP is determined to engage in the acquisition of private data from the union members using the state freedom of information legislation.

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