Does The United States Need A President Like Elon Musk?

Elon Musk

Donald Trump and Barack Obama are the iPhone presidents. The power of mass communications lies in the hands of millions of Americans thanks to these pocket super-computers. Our phones do just about everything except make breakfast in the morning. Even though Obama and Trump are like night and day when it comes to presidential style and class, both men understand the importance of the communication highway. Trump and Obama moved their antiquated party members off that highway, and a whole generation of broken capitalists are brooding in the off-road spoils of forgotten political agendas.

Obama knew how to use social media to his advantage, and Trump’s use of Twitter is giving people a fresh new look at what really goes on in the mind of an egotistical president. Both presidents are “cool dudes” to their loyal voting base. But to others, they are signs of a nation cut in half liberal concepts and the relentless conservative nationalism. Nationalism seems to be the nation’s new anthem. As long as the political stage only has Republican and Democratic candidates on it, the country will suffer the mortal wounds of narrow-minded leadership. The political candidates of the future can’t be as needy or so obviously one-sided in their efforts to bring the country together. As Washington Post columnist David Von Drehle put it, future presidential candidates will have to be cooler than the Obama and Trump cool factor.

Drehle brings up Elon Musk’s name when he talks about a candidate being cooler. Musk isn’t going to run for president in 2020. He can’t run because he wasn’t born in the United States. But Musk is a U.S. citizen now, and he says he’s half Democrat and half Republican. Mr. Musk has 21 million Twitter followers, and that’s enough social power to command respect in this communication era. Musk wants to build a better America by building bigger and better batteries. And he wants to use more solar power as well as reinvigorate America’s space program. Instead of instigating a new legal battle, Musk is figuring out ways to make America great again.

Musk is as audacious as President Trump, but he has a lighter, gentler touch when he wants to get his message across to the public. His investment in the Hyperloop project shows his relentlessness when it comes to supporting new technology. But Musk can’t be president, but he can support someone like him who can. Maybe the time is right for a person who doesn’t have all blue or all red running through their veins to be president. Maybe that person can pull the country out of this senseless, bigoted vision to be what it was in the past instead of trying to be the Thomas Train it can be in the future.

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