Progressive Writers Hating On The Artistic Creations of Pro-Trump People

Pro-Trump People

Ever since the Trump election, progressive writers have been trashing the moral character of Trump supporters and everyone who suggested that Trump isn’t completely bad. Even now, progressive writers are still at it, saying that they cannot enjoy the arts of entertainers who have such opinions.

There are already about dozens of celebrities who either support Trump or are indifferent to him. Shania Twain is one of them. She was shamed for saying that she would have voted for him because she perceived him as being more honest—even if he was offensive on some level or another.

Leonard Pitts, a progressive writer for The Miami Herald, recently wrote about how he could not watch Rosanne’s show. He made a big deal out of her political opinions, saying that he likes the show and is tempted to watch it, but chooses not to. Furthermore, he said that he is making this tough decision to support women, LGBTQ people and immigrants.

First of all, this is ridiculous because of the fact that you are not always going to like what a person has to say. It gets to a point where it is actually closed minded and intolerant to refuse to watch Rosanne just because you do not like Rosanne’s positive views of Trump. Secondly, sometimes celebrities and politicians have moral shortcomings, and this is normal of human beings. Even if her views are to be considered any sort of moral shortcoming—which they really shouldn’t be—why should we totally condemn her and her work?

Also, at the end of the day, it is not really worth it to get worked up about Rosanne and her political views. The last few generations of human beings in the 20th and 21st centuries have had opportunities that all of our prior ancestors could only dream of, due to technology and social development. Leonard Pitts should be grateful that he even has the leisure time, as well as technology, to watch Rosanne. He should be grateful that he isn’t on the fief, being forced to plow wheat until the day that he dies.

Progressives like Leonard Pitts like to say that Trump and his administration are anti-women and anti-LGBTQ. However, the Trump administration is not actually against those kinds of groups, and has done nothing to take their rights away or delete their social standings. In fact, laws have been made that benefit them, such as tax cuts.

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