Pro-Gun People Have Valid Arguments


There are many reasons for why it is very rational to support gun rights. In the midst of a time when gun crimes and mass shootings are frequently being publicized in the media, anti-firearm rhetoric has been flying around. People have been arguing that it is right to make gun control rules stricter. Some people go so far as to advocate for the removal of the Second Amendment.

People who are anti-firearm and anti-Second Amendment argue that there is a high prevalence of gun violence in the United States, and they try to tie this to the fact that America is so permissive when it comes to people owning guns. They try to demonize firearms and anybody who advocates for the right to use firearms, and they cannot wrap their heads around why anybody would take such a stance.

The people who advocate for the Second Amendment and the use of firearms have very valid arguments. They are generally not bad people, and they mean well. People who are pro-firearm do not see firearms as being only weapons of torture, violence and destruction; they see them as being tools and symbols of independence. Guns provide the freedom to protect oneself against predators. Firearms also give people the freedom to protect their convictions.

Of course, there is always a chance that permissive gun laws will backfire, and that somebody will use them to harm people. However, permissive gun laws enable people to protect themselves. For example, if somebody bigger and stronger than you breaks into your house, having a firearm nearby is useful. Even in a conflict where a suspect doesn’t have weapons, he/she can use his/her body to bully you around.

Gun control advocates may question the need to possess a firearm in times of peace. Nowadays, there is a lot less crime than in the late 20th century. A gun control advocate might look at these statistics and ask why anybody would need to possess firearms. Well, having a gun is like having an insurance policy—the worse may not happen but it is good to be prepared. Also, gun control advocates have to realize that even though crime rates, in general, are low, people are still predated upon in real life. Some people live in areas where crime is still noticeably high, despite statistics on paper.

Gun controllers believe that gun advocates have irrational fears, though it may be gun controllers, themselves, who really have the most irrational fears.

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