President Trump Has Single-Handedly Changed The Direction Of The Republican Party


Republican leaders are finally facing the truth. The truth is, the midterm election is going to be a killing field for Republican candidates for House and Senate seats. Men like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell don’t need polls to tell them the GOP is facing a major shakeup in November. And according to an article in the Washington Post, Republican leaders only have to look in a mirror to see who is causing the shakeup. Donald Trump, in a matter of 16 months, has dissected the old guards of the Republican Party, and what remains is the pitiful political skeletons of these GOP lawmakers. Time after time, Mr. Trump has beaten not only Ryan and McConnell at their own game, he has reinvented the game. Thanks to a healthy dose of white trash ethics, and a propensity for making lies sound like truths, Mr. Trump has the Republican Party eating the tasteless crumbs in his tweets.

The Commander-in-Tweets is turning the GOP into a joke, and the world is laughing. Trump may flex his yellow-haired anger at China, and belittle the nations that support America, but his best work is done at home. He is turning the immigration issue into a battle cry for nationalism, and he wants to dig up and exterminate the LGBT community from America’s landscape. And while he is tearing down the character of one of the greatest example of freedom on the planet, he is methodically removing the backbone of the GOP leadership. What was once a respected institution is now a modern production of a Bravo TV reality show.

According to several news stories, Donald Trump is a cunning snake oil salesman who captures the imagination of people who believe his oil works on the issues that make their lives an ongoing political nightmare. Even though Mr. Trump talks about his accomplishments like tax reform, and putting tariffs on steel and aluminum, as well as throwing Mexico and China under the trade relations bus, Trump is the man who is creating the chaos. That chaos will impact the Republican Party and America for years to come. In spite of the disapproval that continues to plague this celebrity apprentice president, he continues to shake the political trees. And when he does, the spineless Republican leaders come out from their hiding places and act like it’s politics as usual in Washington. And if it is politics, as usual, the country is in worse shape than people think it is.

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