Why People Should Not Become Transgender In The Military


There are plenty of valid reasons for why transgenders should not be allowed in the military, as well as why their treatments should not be funded.

Jamie Shupe’s experience is a great example for why this is true. He worked in the United States Army as a Sergeant First Class. After he retired, he lived as a woman for four years before he decided to identify with his biological gender. Shupe never had surgery done to alter his genitalia. During his four years as a transgender woman, he took harsh hormones to stave off gender dysphoria. The hormones were paid for by the government as a result of his time in the military.

Shupe readily admits that his effort to look and feel like a woman failed. Ultimately, he just looked like a fat, middle aged man with slightly enlarged breasts that weren’t big enough. This is not surprising, considering the fact that many transgender people are plagued by gender dysphoria, despite going through various treatments. Only 21% of transgender people succeed in looking like the opposite biological sex. To make matters worse, there is a plethora of surgical complications, as well as other health complications, that can happen.

People have their sexual characteristics pretty much set in stone after they reach puberty. Gender changing treatments are the most effective when they are done prior to puberty. Of course, people in the armed services are past puberty. As a result, any treatment that an armed service person takes to change to the other gender is going to be futile to a very large extent.

In a way, gender dysphoria can lead some people to break the rules in the military. Before the ban on transgender people was lifted, there were some individuals who secretly went against the rules and received treatments outside of the military. This can is akin to a drug addict breaking the law by getting his fix from a drug. Gender dysphoria is a complicated issue, and its presence should not be in the military.

To make matters worse, so much money is funneled into treatments for transgender people, yet these treatments don’t really work most of the time. Many times, only more problems come out of the treatments. When patients realize that they will never look convincingly like the opposite gender, it severely hurts their confidence. It can be very disheartening for a man to see that he will never reach the beauty standards of a woman.

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