Migrants Are The Latest Trump Distraction. Do Americans Really Have To Worry?

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President Trump is throwing a lot of information against the wall of public opinion. Trump is betting most people will take that information as fact, and they will do something with it. To say Donald Trump is a master motivator is an understatement. Trump knows how to sell his political snake oil even though the aroma and the taste of that political oil are toxic to some people. The people who believe Trump is going to change immigration trends and change the way the country does business with its allies are in for a huge awakening when the Trump effect wears off. But it is fair to say Mr. Trump is giving the world a front row seat to the dysfunction that seems to run through Washington like a marathon runner crossing the finish line in Boston.

Mr. Trump’s latest distraction is his knee-jerk tweet about caravans of Central American migrants traveling through Mexico to reach Trump’s promise land. Fox news gave Trump the ammunition to tweet about this pending invasion. Trump, in his own hysterical way, is calling on the National Guard to protect America from this incessant invasion. But according to the Washington Post, illegal entry into the United States is at the lowest level in fifty years. The last time the Border Patrol caught fewer illegal immigrants was in 1971. Gas cost 36 cents a gallon back then, and Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Florida opened that year.

But Trump is creating his own Magic Kingdom where people from Central America are trying to take advantage of DACA, and where Democrats and Mexicans are the Poison Ivy and the Joker in Trump’s version of “Batman Saves The Country.” Even though Trump blames Mexico for this violation of U.S. sovereignty, the truth is Mexico is one reason illegal migrants are not crossing the border in record numbers. Thanks to better Mexican and U.S. technology, and thousands of Border Patrol officers, arrests on the Mexican frontier are way down. In fact, Border Patrol arrests are half of what they were 46 years ago.

So what’s behind Trump’s obsession with protecting the border? According to several some Democratic lawmakers, Trump’s inability to get enough funding to build his version of the Berlin Wall is sending the wrong signal to his voter base. Trump promised his followers change. But the change he is giving his supporters is an abundance of senseless promises.

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