Liberals Bash Chick-Fil-A Just Because It’s Owned By Christians


Chick-Fil-A opened another location in Manhattan, making a total of four Manhattan locations. Customers are ecstatic and are lining up to buy fried chicken sandwiches. However, flaming liberals who have a bone to pick with Christianity are not so happy.

Chick-Fil-A was founded, and is currently owned, by devout Christians with conservative views. However, the restaurant atmosphere is a pleasant, secular place where people enjoy affordable sandwiches. Religion is not being pushed down anyone’s throat. The company, itself, was founded on a Christian ethos, but it is not a cult or a place of worship.

A man by the name Dan Piepenbring wrote a piece for The New Yorker that bashes Chick-Fil-A and the fact that it opened a new location in Manhattan. In the article, he bashed the company due to the devoutly Christian and conservative views that the people who run the company have. The people who run the company quietly support groups that are anti-LGBTQ. Piepenbring said that the opening of a new Chick-Fil-A location meant that Manhattan was being infiltrated by some weird, subversive, harmful, dangerous social force. By the way that he spoke about the situation, you would have thought that he was talking about some sort of weird cult or terrorist group.

Piepenbring went on to cherry pick Christian values in such a way where he accused Christianity of being intolerant. This is wrong for many reasons. First off, why is okay to cherry-pick Christian values and twist around those values to bash Christianity, when doing such a thing to Judiasm and Islam would be considered unacceptable? By Piepenbring’s logic, it would actually make sense to bash those groups, too, because there are people from those religious communities who preach anti-LGBTQ values.

Also, there actually are positive Christian values, as well as values that can be interpreted in positive ways. For example, according to Christianity, Jesus sacrificed his life for every evil person on earth. Every person is considered to be evil. In this respect, everybody is actually equal. Also, there is a Christian ethos that every human in the community deserves to be helped. Apparently, Piepenbring didn’t mention this because it would not have supported his bashing of Christianity.

Chick-Fil-A has helped communities, regardless of people’s affiliations or orientations. After the shooting at the gay bar in Orlando, Chick-Fil-A stayed open for extra hours so that they could give food to blood-donors. The company has been generous on numerous occasions without discriminating against people’s backgrounds or orientations, though liberals like Dan Piepenbring never want to acknowledge that fact.

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