Liberal Black Woman Finger-Points At Lesbian Liberal White Woman

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Sally Kohn is a woman who works as a political commentator, dresses like a man and lives with her wife and child in Brooklyn. She generally takes a very liberal political stance. However, these days, even the most liberal women are verbally bashed and told to shut up just because they are white. Minority women put their words under a microscope and are trigger happy when it comes to calling those liberal white women racist. Sally Kohn, a white woman, has felt the brunt of this phenomenon. Her accuser was a black woman by the name of Aminatou Sow.

Kohn wrote a book called “The Opposite of Hate.” In it, she described an event in which she was in a car with Sow. A question came up of why African American women are always requested to do a disproportionate amount of work. Sow said that once a person (referring to black people) is provoked, one has the right to “kill” another person (metaphorically speaking), and that someone of her background (African America) would be justified in doing such a thing.

Sow did not like the way that Kohn mentioned her in the book. In fact, Sow denies that she said those things. She claims that Kohn twisted around her words and portrayed her in such a way that supports the stereotype of the angry black female.

Sow goes on to criticize Kohn for asking a question about the condition of black women when Kohn is not black, herself. She thinks that just because Kohn is a white woman, Kohn should “stay in her lane” and not even discuss the issue. However, it really is not unreasonable for Kohn to want to discuss the issue, because it is truly a serious problem that should be discussed by everybody. She was basically asking why people who are oppressed have to be oppressed and then put an effort in to explain why and how they’re oppressed.

There wasn’t really anything wrong with what Kohn said. As a matter of fact, what Sow supposedly said is actually more controversial because she openly said that being from an underprivileged race gives you the right to be violent against other people.

After Sow accused Kohn of doing something wrong, Kohn wrote a letter and apologized. She also provided Sow with notes for the book, which Sow had asked for. It really wasn’t unreasonable to ask for notes to the book. However, it really is a let down that Kohn apologized and succumbed to the social-justice finger pointing.

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