Leftists Are The Ones Who Get In The Way Of Science, Not Conservatives

Way Of Science

There is a prevailing idea out there that conservatives are the ones that keep science from progressing. This idea comes from the fact that many people who believe in creationism are conservative and Republican. However, it is really the liberals and Democrats who are getting in the way of science.

People on the left get in the way of science because they try to silence scientific discussions that might lead to conclusions that they find politically incorrect or hurtful. For example, people on the left tend to threaten anyone who talks about how genetics might effect intelligence. A scientist who talks about such a topic would be threatened and screamed at on a college campus by left-winged social justice warriors. The author of “Bell Curve,” Charles Murray was screamed at and harassed as he tried to speak on a college campus. “Bell Curve” was about how different races of people differ in intelligence for genetic reasons.

Another topic that left-winged people tend to silence is the topic of gender differences. Researching gender differences is a good way to harm one’s career, unless one comes to scientific conclusions that favor women and demonize men. To a certain extent, men and women really are wired differently, and this is one of the reasons why some occupations are filled with more men than women. However, pointing out this fact can make leftists go off the deep end.

Leftists think that “diversity” only applies to genders and races of people. However, actual diversity is more than that. Real diversity is diversity in thought, personality and individuality—things that the leftists do not truly have respect for. They don’t seem to care that on college campuses, there is a disproportionately low number of conservatives, relative to the number of liberals. For example, at least one out of eight students who study the social sciences are Republicans, while at least seven out of eight are Democrats. In majors like sociology, about one out of forty-four students are Republicans while about forty-three out of forty-four are Democrats.

Many times, academic departments end up being mostly or all liberal. As a result, they believe that everything that they think and know are absolute truths—when such opinions and facts are only one face of the coin. They end up disproving and silencing anybody who they don’t agree with.

Because of the large leftist presence in academia, one-sided “scientific” papers are published that try to prove conservatives wrong.

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