French President Emmanuel Macron Gets A Close Look At Trump’s Alpha Tendencies


President Donald Trump likes French President Emmanuel Macron. Trump has a man-crush on Macron, but that crush didn’t stop Trump from telling the world Macron has a dandruff issue. Yep. Trump in his own awkward way gave Macron a dose of his innate alpha tendencies. In front of the cameras, Trump decided to remove a piece of dandruff from the French’s president’s suit coat in a friendly, but classless way. Trump told the press he has a special relationship with Macron, and then he immediately thought the next thing to do was let the world know he is a concerned bro who wants his special friend to look nice in front of the cameras. Macron had a puzzled look on his face when Trump’s finger brushed a speck of something off of his coat. Then Macon smiled, looked down, and brushed his coat.

Some press reports say the men have an alpha thing going on. Trump wants the world to know he has as much class and charisma as the young French president. When the men first got together in France, Macron squeezed Trump’s hand hard during the initial handshake to let Trump know he wasn’t going to be a European political lapdog. Macron was the alpha during that French meeting, and now that Macron is on American soil, Trump is taking his rightful place as head of the free world alpha pack. But that rightful place is only in Trump’s mind. Most European leaders don’t like Trump’s attitude or his nasty and uncalled comments about European Union.

But according to a Washington Post article, Macron knows how to play Trump. Macron flatters the president off camera. And Macron keeps his cool in front of the cameras when Trump answered press questions directed at the French president. Macron also kept his dignity in place when Mr. Trump said Macron was going to be a great French president. And when Trump kind of lease-pulled Macron away after a photo op, the Frenchman didn’t show any signs of frustration or anger.

Macron may look like a Trump flunky at times, but Macron is as smart as he is likable. He decided to give Trump the ego massage Trump constantly and desperately needs by touching Trump’s back in a sign of solidarity, or by touching Trump’s knee to express agreement. Trump likes that touchy-feely stuff. He needs positive reinforcement even when that reinforcement is a political tactic to get Trump to do something he doesn’t want to do like agreeing to keep the Iran nuclear agreement intact.

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