Why The Democratic And Republican Parties Will Continue To Survive


When you look at the state of politics right now, it is easy to think and say that our two main parties in the United States will split up. Look at the Republican Party for example, when they could not repeal the Affordable Care Act with majorities in both houses of Congress. Another rift in the party is when President Trump unhappily signed the omnibus budget deal. These moments highlight the fact that a real division exists in the Republican party.

The Democratic Party also seems like it will split apart. The Bernie Sanders wing of the party is becoming increasingly radical in its political views and more vocal in its critique of President Trump. This places it at odds with the Democratic Party establishment and the more moderate Democrats who want to challenge Republican candidates in more moderate and conservative areas. The Sanders wing of the party is focusing on wealth redistribution, while the Democratic establishment continues to try its brand of identity politics to wield power. The two are at significant odds.

Adding to this party division, are the threats of independent parties springing up. John Kasich, who ran in the Republican primary in 2016, says he might run as an independent candidate in 2020. This would further weaken and divide the Republican party. You can even argue that Trump himself has reformed the Republican party as he is not the mainstream or establishment Republican type.

Are these events a sign that our two-party system is about to end? Is the Republican and Democratic Party finished? The answer is no and no. Due to the way our government is set up, it is pretty much inevitable that we have a two-party system in the United States. The electoral college and congressional districts essentially create the two-party system of power that we have.

If you are still not convinced that our two major parties will survive significant political turmoil all you need to do is take a look back at history. The Democratic Party is the oldest surviving political party in the world right now. It was formed in 1832 when Andrew Jackson was vying for reelection.

The Republican party is also one of the oldest political parties in the world. It was founded in 1854 to fight the spread of slavery in US territories. Both parties had major ups and downs in the past. They have survived bigger scandals and calamities before, and they will survive the changing times and scandals we face now.

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