Customers Receive Surprise When Visiting Toys ‘R’ Us Website


Customers knew that it was coming. Toys ‘R’ Us filed for bankruptcy several weeks ago and announced that the company would begin closing stores across the country. However, nothing was really said about the website and how customers could continue ordering things online. On Monday morning after the Easter holiday, the website went black. Customers are no longer able to order toys and other merchandise from the company online. This comes as a surprise to those who didn’t think that the website would shut down so soon, especially for those who have gift cards left to use and those who enjoy doing their shopping from home.

There is a short message on the website thanking customers for their service and making them aware that the brick and mortar stores are where they should go for purchases. There are websites listed where customers can get more information about when stores in their state will close. Most stores have sales featuring at least 30 percent off. Sales are final, which means that customers cannot take items back for a refund or exchange. The company was about $5 billion in debt last year when it filed for bankruptcy in September.

Some businessmen and customers have tried to raise money to keep the stores open. Toys ‘R’ Us is seen as an iconic store for adults who got toys there when they were younger and have been purchasing toys for their own children from the store that features the lovable giraffe and other characters. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the efforts are going to pay off as stores are already closing their doors once everything is cleared out. Shelves and fixtures are also being sold at brick and mortar stores. The closure of the website is only another indication that nothing will likely keep the toy chain from going under.

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