Avery Ranch Local Golf Tournaments

5 Important Guidelines While Attending a Local Golf Tournament


You bought tickets and are so excited to go see the action out on the green. There are usually many local golf tournaments in our area including those at the beautiful Avery Ranch Golf Club just North of Austin.  If this is your first golf tournament you may not know the etiquette on what to do while watching your favorite player sink a putt. Here are 5 important ways to behave at a golf tournament near you:

Always Be Quiet

If you play golf you will probably already know this one. Being quiet while play is going on is so important in not disturbing the players and allowing them to play their best golf. Make sure to turn your cell phones off, or just leave them in the car, and remind that chatty neighbor of yours to be quiet. You are welcome to cheer a good shot but only in a tasteful way that doesn’t disrupt other players.

Try To Be Still

One of the best things about attending a golfing tournament is being able to be so close to all of the action. However, this also means that spectators have a lot of responsibility in making sure that they don’t physically disrupt the concentration of players. If you are near the front of a crowd make sure that you are keeping your movements to a minimum, especially right before a player hits a ball. Something as simple as brushing hair out of your face can distract a player and cause a break in concentration.

Wait For the Group

Normally spectators watch a golfing tournament by picking one player and moving along the course with them as they play. Players will usually play with another competitor as well. Make sure to wait for all of the players to putt out before leaving the green for the next tee. This not only cuts down on movement and noise but also shows respect to all of the players at the tournament.

Respect All Players

We all have our favorite players; however, make sure to respect all players during a tournament. Don’t applaud or cheer for competitors that miss a shot. Be respectful to everyone competing and cheer for your favorites if desired.

Don’t Approach For Autographs

It can be hard to contain your excitement when you get to see a golfer that you really admire. However, refrain from approaching players for tips or autographs while they are playing in the tournament. Consider the tournament schedule to see if there is a meet and greet time available so that you don’t disturb the players who are trying to focus on the tournament.

When In Doubt, Check the Rules

If you ever have a question about proper tournament etiquette, always check the tournament rules and guidelines that are provided. Usually both the club and association that hosts the tournament will have strict rules on what kind of behavior is permitted. Contact a staff member with questions and be sure to follow instructions of all staff members to make sure you don’t get kicked out of a tournament.

Attending a golf tournament can be a great way to spend a day as well as learn how to improve your own golf game. Make sure to follow these tips, and plan in advance for cold or wet weather, when you attend your next golf tournament in our area.

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