Woman Gives Birth Without Knowing She’s Pregnant


When a woman started complaining about stomach cramps, her fiancee called someone to come help her. He didn’t imagine that his world was about to change forever. Rhiannon Oldham told her fiancee that she couldn’t move and that her stomach was cramping. She tried to change positions so that she could get comfortable, but nothing was working. The pain was only getting stronger. Gareth Williams didn’t think that he had time to get her to the hospital, so he called 911. The dispatcher sent an ambulance to the couple’s home. The couple didn’t expect to hear the news that they were told only a few moments later.

Rhiannon knew that she had gained weight over the past few months, but she attributed it to eating more food during the holiday season. The dispatcher asked Gareth if there was a possibility that his fiancee was pregnant, and he profoundly announced that she wasn’t. However, he could see that something large was coming out of her. He even told the dispatcher and the emergency technician who later arrived that Rhiannon acted like she was going into labor but that they knew she wasn’t pregnant.

Once Gareth looked closely at his wife while he was trying to help her, he did realize that she was in labor and that she was delivering a baby. Neither one knew that she was pregnant. She didn’t have any of the normal signs of pregnancy and had even had what they thought was her period over the past few months. A midwife arrived at the home and took over the situation. Rhiannon delivered a healthy baby boy who was moving around and crying. The couple spent a few days at the hospital with their son but soon went back home to start life as a family of three.

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