The Swamp Trump Wants to Drain Is Filling Up With Ex-lobbyist And Lawyers

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Donald Trump knows how to hit a political nerve. One of the main reasons people voted for Trump was his promise to drain the political swamp in Washington. What Trump was trying to say was he was going to usher in a new era in the nation’s capital by getting rid of the lobbyists and lawyers who control lawmakers. He also said he would bring jobs back to the United States and make America great again. But after almost 14 months in office, the president is doing exactly what he said he wouldn’t do when it comes to eliminating the power brokers who take power away from the people. Most of his appointments are ex-lobbyists and lawyers who regulate the industries they got a paycheck from in the past. That’s not the way government should operate, according to political analysts.

Trump signed a January 2017 executive order that prohibits lawyers, lobbyists, and other political and business figures from working for the government for two years. But according to the Associated Press, Don McGahn, Trump top White House lawyer, signed more than 24 ethical waivers, so key administrative officials can work for Trump administration even though they have a history of being swamp worthy evictees.

The Associated Press article also points out that almost half of the Environmental Protection Agency appointees have strong ties to fossil fuel producers, chemical manufacturers, and other clients that raise conflict of interest issues. Most of those people signed an ethical agreement saying they would participate in issues that involve former clients, but three people now have waivers that let them deal with issues related to their former clients.

People around the country realize that Donald Trump’s main objective when he deals with the public is to say one thing and then do another. The new tax law is a good example. Trump said all Americans will benefit from the new tax law, but in reality, only the wealthy get long-term tax relief, according to the way the law. Trump said he was going to renegotiate the NAFTA agreement, but instead of sticking with the negotiations, he is trying to bully Mexico and Canada by threatening to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Mr. Trump is creating another, more dangerous, swamp in Washington. A swamp where ethical behavior takes a back seat to crony politics. And a swamp where the truth lies at the bottom gasping for air.

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