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Smaller, Local Wealth Managers Like Richard Dwayne Blair Trusted Option Over Big Banks


How should we manage our money? What should we invest in? How can we secure a future where our loved ones are taken care of? The road to understanding proper money management can be a long and confusing undertaking. As many work tirelessly through their life, they do so with certain goals in mind that include security, retirement, and family. With these things at stake, it’s easy to add too much pressure on yourself to make the right choices. But for those who are serious about managing their wealth, there’s an easier route. Just hire someone.

Wealth Management

There are people who make a living on telling others what to do with theirs. Having the guidance from a qualified professional who has studied the ins and outs of wealth management can make it a much more pleasant experience. Investment advisory firms such as Wealth Solutions, can provide this type of assistance. Founded in 1994 by Richard Dwayne Blair, Wealth Solutions is an independent firm that focuses on making significant and positive differences in the lives of individuals, families, and small business owners.

Coming from a family of teachers and having an innate savvy for finance, Richard realized he could help people with their financial planning and investments and immediately entered the financial services industry after graduating from college in 1993. His qualifications such as being a certified specialist in annuity, estate and trust, income and tax, and an Investment Advisor Representative, has led to an extensive knowledge of retirement planning.

With this, Richard Blair specializes in helping his clients bridge the gap between planning for and living in retirement. This includes helping clients avoid common pitfalls and providing strategies so they can pursue their vision of a successful retirement.

So how does someone receive the attention and focus they deserve to meet their financial goals? At Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair has created his own rules to establish trust in a healthy client relationship. The first is knowing that clients are each unique in their own way. Listening to the clients’ goals allow him to develop a customized plan that can help them pursue those objectives. Clients seek advice they can trust.

Richard Dwayne Blair, a Trusted Wealth Manager

Although he is a qualified specialist, Richard keeps a student mentality when it comes to giving any advice by learning and utilizing the latest insights from the tax, estate, legal, and financial fields. Clients need to be in control of their decisions. This is important while working closely alongside the client and prepping them with all the necessary information so they can make their own financial decisions. Another way a client feels unique is by being granted customized solutions and not just generic products. Richard focuses on what’s important to the client and what they specifically need to meet their goals. The process of transferring accounts should be simple. This is met with a clear articulation of any costs associated with becoming a client at Wealth Solutions up front so clients can make informed decisions.

The wealth of a client is always important to them and their family after working so hard to accumulate it. Richard knows this and studies the client’s entire financial situation so he can provide options to preserve their wealth through retirement and to leave a legacy to their family and loved ones.

When it comes to choosing the people you want to work with, it’s important to know you’ll be treated with great care and unique advice. That’s the benefit of smaller independent firms such as Wealth Solutions. There is always the route of choosing a large firm who take on many clients at a time. Firms like these will always make the same promises of putting your needs first, but that might not always be the case.

There have been allegations before that clients of large firms will sometimes not receive the personal care and be led astray with untrustworthy advice. This has just happened recently with the wealth management division at Wells Fargo. In a report from the Wall Street Journal, the Wells Fargo wealth management division is currently undergoing a round of investigations that are being conducted by the well-known law firm, Shearman & Sterling. The investigations began after whistleblowers claimed Wells Fargo employees pushed for customers to purchase products and services in an effort to boost their own compensation, rather than putting customers’ needs first. This is a major breach of trust for anyone who is receiving advice on how to use their money.

The process of financial management doesn’t need to be stressful. And nor should it be deceitful. It can quickly become too overwhelming so it’s always best to leave it to a professional who has years of experience and is suited to serve your specific needs. Smaller firms like Wealth Solutions understand these challenges and are ready to make your path towards retirement an easy one.

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