President Trump’s Form Of Political And Economic Chaos Is Taking Its Toll On The White House Staff And The Nation

President D. Trump, President Trump

It’s no secret. Donald Trump likes chaos. He manages his business interests like a man with his pants on fire while his mind in some sort of egocentric alternative world. Mr. Trump didn’t surprise the people who know how he operates when he brought his special blend of chaos to Washington. The White House has a swinging door, and many staff members are using it to get away from the mess Trump is creating.

The Chaotic dysfunction in the White House was front and center when Trump made the decision to put tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. Chief Economic Advisor Gary D. Cohen told Chief of Staff John F. Kelly he might resign if Trump goes ahead with his tariff plan. Cohen is a Goldman Sachs alumni, so he knows what those tariffs will do to the stock market. The S&P took a nosedive when Trump made the announcement.

Hope Hicks, Trump’s eye candy in the White House, also gave the White House chaotic factor another boost when she decided to leave her post after telling Congress she tells little white lies for the president. And when the news broke that Son-in-law Jared Kushner’s temporary security clearance is no longer valid, the chaos meter went up another notch. And to make matters worse, national security advisor Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster is on the Trump chopping block. But Trump denies he has the urge to fire McMaster, according to the New York Times.

The chaos keeps the world and the country in a state of Trumpism that is hard to digest for many Americans. The White House and the people who work there have a political as well as ethical code to follow. But Trump’s leadership style supersedes those codes. Being an erratic boss and a hostile businessman is part of the Trump persona. Trump believes his way of leading is what the country needs, but his anger and isolation are creating an enormous breakdown in fair play and honor. His feud with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his lack of respect for the FBI and members of his staff are sending a clear message to the world.

That message is the United States is under the control of a chaotic egomaniac, and there’s not much hope he’ll change. People around the globe are waiting for Trump to feel the impact of the Mueller investigation, and his own self-destructive tendencies. Some insiders say Trump will buckle under the pressure this year. Other people say he is just getting started.

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