Pennsylvania’s Election Results Show A Crack In Trumpism In Trump Territory

Pennsylvania’s Election Results, Politics

The red “Make America Great Again” hats were symbols that Donald Trump would drain the swamp and bring jobs back to working class. Trump said he would give the people with no voice in politics a voice. But Trump’s voice and actions during his first year in office do not resemble the voice or the actions the people in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and West Virginia want to hear and see. Those people want jobs. They want a wall, and they want a president that tells the truth. Trump hasn’t delivered enough political meat to satisfy the hunger of voters who are dying from the switch to a technology nation from an industrial nation. Mr. Trump said he was going to reverse the tide, but the recent Pennsylvania election shows dissension in Trump’s main support group. That Pennsylvania district voted Trump into office with a more than a 20 percent margin in 2016. The same district is now giving a young Democratic candidate a chance to dethrone a Trump Republican minion. The Democrat, Conor Lamb, is dead even with the Republican incumbent.

Conor Lamb is an ex-marine who became a lawyer to make a difference. He is on a mission to bring the Democratic party back to life in places like Western Pennsylvania. Republican consultant Mike Murphy said the Republicans are losing ground because of Trump’s indecisiveness. The only thing Trump is decisive about is sending tweets, according to some of his former supporters. And his tweets are not presidential quality statements. Trump wants to make America great again, but he wants to do it his way. The firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson proves that fact. Tillerson is a strong presence. And he has enough integrity and courage to stand up to the president, and that is the kiss of death in the Trump Administration.

Uncertainty is the flavor of the day in the White House. Mueller’s investigation, a porn star, and a propensity to side with Russia when Trump thinks no one is watching are creating a perfect storm for the president. The Democrats know Trump’s living on borrowed political power. The election results in Pennsylvania show Trump is more vulnerable than he says he is. This Pennsylvania election is a case study in survival, and Trump may be a casualty of that case study. But Trump isn’t going to give up, and Democrats like Conor Lamb won’t give up either.

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