The Mueller Investigation Is Turning Trump Into A Nervous Mess But The Stormy Daniels Issue May Be The Straw That Breaks Donald’s Presidency

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Donald Trump is a modern day version of Napoleon on steroids. He is a New York wealthy kid who grew up to be a New York real estate lord and sketchy TV personality. Trump has the energy of a 40-year-old even though he is in his 70s, but many politicians believe his energy is fading faster than the support of his political followers. Instead of leading the country and the world to a brighter and peaceful future, he is leading the country and the world into the bowels of agony and ineptness. Trump approval rating is lower than Gerald Ford’s lowest approval rating.

Trump continues to tell the world that his greatness lies in his ability to think quickly and to fire anyone that defies his instructions. The White House is like his TV show. Everyone in the White House is an apprentice, and he is the boss with the magical ability to fire them without cause or notice. But all of his political nonsense may be coming to an abrupt end sooner than later. And it may not be the Mueller investigation that brings him down. It could be the Stormy Daniels affair that will send him packing to his Trump Tower prison.

According to an article in the Washington Post, Stormy Daniels a seasoned porn star, alleges she started an affair with “The Donald” in 2006. Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen said that never happen, but Cohen paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 to keep her quiet for an affair Cohen says never happened. Even though the Mueller investigation is serious, it is a behind closed doors kind of seriousness. But the Stormy Daniels saga is in your face serious. The porn star is not afraid to break the agreement not to talk because Trump never signed the agreement. So she is taking her case to the public via late night talk show interviews, and an upcoming 60 Minutes piece.

Trump and his team of lawyers want to crush Stormy Daniels, but that’s not easy. She comes from the same underbelly of society league as Trump. Mr. Trump disregards moral virtues and he replaces them with lies and unethical behavior. Stormy Daniels and her legal team know how to dealing with that sort of moral indignity. As the Washington Post article points out, the Stormy Daniels issue may only look like a moral blip on Trump’s questionable character, but that blip could bring down the president faster than Mueller’s legal sword.

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