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The hit CW show Riverdale follows the intense and suspenseful lives of fictional teenagers involved in a murder mystery. Through multiple seasons, this popular program has showcased dynamic makeup looks and flawless fashion.

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Based on the Archie comic books, fan favorites Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, and Cheryl Blossom are shown much more glamorous than their illustrated counterparts. With each individual character comes their own unique style of beauty thanks to makeup companies such as Lime Crime. Each makeup look is independent to each personality of the girls to round out a beautiful cast.


Glam, Girly, or Goddess? The Stars Signature Looks


Each female lead has their own role to play on the drama and their iconic looks help to tell their story. From subtle to sophisticated, these leading ladies and their makeup brands help define each role.


  • Veronica Lodge Veronica’s flawless look is brought out by high-coverage foundation and bold lips. Total coverage foundation from brands like L’Oreal for a matte finish. A rosy blush will provide a glam look. This look follows up with a defined brow and liquid eye makeup to to create Lodge’s famous cat eye smolder.



Cheryl Wearing Lime Crime Velvetines


  • Cheryl Blossom Femme fatale Cheryl is known for her lush auburn locks and creamy complexion. Actress Madelaine Petsch had her full natural lips accentuated with Lime Crime Velvetine and Red Velvet lipstick to create a rich red shade. Her skincare routine may be made flawless by brands such as Clinique to form a clear and fresh look.





  • Betty Cooper Perky and pony tailed, Betty Cooper is the quintessential girl next door. Her fresh face look can be attributed to light BB cream from Cover Girl and a simple tinted lip balm. To enhance this look, makeup artists used a primer to make her products set before applying. A fresh setting spray seals the look.



What Makes The Riverdale Looks So Iconic?



There are a few key aspects to choosing an everlasting makeup to withstand filming lights and a grueling shooting schedule. To keep up with their famous faces, these actresses and makeup artists depend on a few products.


  1. Waterproof


Products with waterproof properties are able to handle studio lights and scenes involving emotions and crying. These products may be extra efficient when filming scenes in the pool or steamy shower scenarios.


  1. No Budge


High end designers such as Chanel and Dior create eyeliner and mascara that stays in place during high intensity scenes, such as fighting scenarios or romance shots. It has always been essential for actors and actresses to stay looking good while appearing in high stress situation.


  1. Smudge-proof


During an intimate scene on Riverdale, the leading ladies never want their makeup to look bad. Smudge-proof makeup is available to defy gravity and last all night during filming for anything from a fight scene to a secret rendezvous.


  1. Cruelty-Free and Vegan


Many actors and actresses have different lifestyles to keep them in shape. Companies such as Lime Crime specialize in vegan makeup that will last through each scene of the show.


It’s important for the customer to feel great with whatever they wear and make sure the product is comfortable for them. Experts suggest researching your favorite looks from shows to find brands that will fit your look.


Choose Your Cosmetics and Characters Wisely For A Suspenseful Look


The Riverdale cast is all about taking dares with makeup and plots to make a fantastic eye-catching show. Whether you’re duplicating the makeup of the leading ladies or making your own tribute, find you time to celebrate in the success and showmanship of this program. We all can’t wait for next season!

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