Jeff Aronin uses Paragon Biosciences to Help Save Lives

Jeff Aronin Fights to Improve the Lives of Patients Suffering from Rare Diseases

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Philanthropist and CEO Jeff Aronin established Paragon Biosciences for the purpose of helping people live better lives. The company is focused on helping people who struggle with diseases for which there are either only a few treatment options available or none exist at all. To do that, Paragon Biosciences creates and develops innovative medical companies with the intention to create new prescription medications and pioneering treatments.


Developing New Medicines at a Rapid Pace


Paragon Biosciences leadership has had much success in the last decade, having received the approval of the FDA on 13 new medications. That rate of approval can only be rivaled by the big pharmaceutical companies.


Jeff Aronin and Paragon’s unique business model offers financial and strategic assistance to biotechnology companies striving to create new medicines. Paragon works to deeply study patient needs, relentlessly accelerate breakthrough science, and strategically build companies to alleviate suffering and extend the life of patients. Having a business plan centered around those three steps is what has led the company to its current success.


An Entrepreneur and Leader in Search of Improved Medical Treatments


With 20 years of experience in the biotechnology industry, Jeff Aronin has a unique understanding of complicated research methods, rare disorders, and how to develop new medicines. He is known as a compassionate leader with a heart for serving others. Jeff’s unique leadership skills enable him to put together groups of researchers who care about finding cures for unusual medical conditions and terminal illnesses. Because of that, numerous business leaders look up to Jeff as a role model (ChicagoBlueSkyInnovation).


Jeff Aronin enjoys sharing his knowledge with young entrepreneurs who are eager to make positive changes in the medical field. Jeff has personally stated that problems viewed as unsolvable are the very issues worth solving. His unending search for discovering new medical treatments offers hope in a medical world consumed by traditional methods that do not always serve people in the best possible ways.


Dedicated to Helping Patients


Jeff Aronin has the right educational background for making a significant difference in the lives of many patients. After working in the healthcare industry for two decades, Jeff Aronin decided to create his own company. He established Ovation Pharmaceuticals in 2000 with the intent of meeting the needs of patients who had been diagnosed with critical health conditions. Lundbeck, a Danish company specializing in healthcare, bought Ovation in 2009. After purchasing Jeff Aronin’s company, Lundbeck also asked him to work as the CEO of Lundbeck during the merger process.


Every Patient Has a Name and a Face


At Paragon Biosciences, patients are not numbers in a large network of blurred faces. Instead, portfolio company staff members value each and every patient and the doctors who care for them. Featuring strong collaborative efforts with both patients and doctors, Jeff Aronin’s vision for improved treatments is paving a new road within the field of medicine. Patients get the most benefit from the most advanced research based on the latest scientific discoveries.


Growing a Network of Dedicated Companies Employing the Best Researchers


Paragon Biosciences is in the process of creating a growing network of portfolio companies under its own umbrella. Here are some of the companies that already embody Paragon’s core value of patient-centric, biomedical innovation.


With research as the primary focus, Harmony Biosciences is working on the development of medications that assist patients with narcolepsy, cataplexy, and related central nervous system disorders. This company also works to obtain regulatory approval and commercialize these high-potential, innovative drugs. Harmony Biosciences is located in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania.


Most recently, Harmony Biosciences was recognized by Life Sciences Pennsylvania with the “Deal of Year” award for it’s 2017 close to an important sleep disorder medication.


Located in Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey, Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals (CCP) employs researchers who concentrate on developing revolutionary treatments for patients with rare skin disorders ( The company was a recent recipient of the Partners in Progress Award for its development of a topical ointment focused on helping people with epidermolysis bullosa simplex (EBS). Patients with this condition experience severe skin blisters and may significantly benefit from the advanced ointment.


Other Paragon Biosciences portfolio companies include Precision BP and Decade. Precision PB is located in Fresno, California while Decade Pharmaceuticals LLC is headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois. Researchers employed at Precision BP continue to look for medicines and therapies for curing patients diagnosed with rare oncology disorders. Researchers at Decade Pharmaceuticals strive to find new treatments for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other illnesses related to the central nervous system.


Developing a Network of Dedicated Researchers


Jeff Aronin believes that people suffering from terminal illnesses value time. Every person with a currently incurable disease wants to benefit from new medical breakthroughs. At Paragon Biosciences, ample funds enable it’s portfolio companies research teams to develop new medicines in shorter amounts of time. As a result, all involved can benefit from Jeff Aronin’s unique approach. With a commitment to development, the researchers at companies within the Paragon Biosciences network are constantly searching for new ways to treat patients. Jeff Aronin hopes his leadership skills and forward-looking methods for building great companies will eventually benefit thousands of patients.

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