Hope Hicks Resignation Is Not A Good Sign For President Trump

Hope Hicks, Politics

The list of people that are going through the newly installed revolving doors at the White House continues to grow. Some people who hooked their bandwagon to the Trump circus are no longer relative in Trump’s inner circle. Trump is a hard man to work for unless you are part of his family. But even when you’re a son or daughter, you are always under pressure to do more to make America great again. Hope Hicks, Trump’s White House communication director, was an extended part of Trump’s political family. She was a loyal Trump fan who saw a chance to go down in history, and she grabbed the political bait hook, line, and sinker.

Hope Hicks is the latest administration casualty. After a session of Congressional questioning, some people say Hope saw the handwriting on the White House walls. Being a close Trump supporter was hazardous to her reputation and career. Having Trump’s support and respect draws a big yellow line in the political sand, and she was beginning to sink in that ever-changing political quicksand.

Hicks is a complete package when it comes to being a model and a front woman. But when it comes to swimming with the sharks in Washington, she was in over her head thanks to her lack of political experience and her 29-year-old naivety. But Hicks had Trump’s support. She was his media eyes and ears, and at times, she got a heavy dose of Trump’s executrices when no one else would listen. Some White House aides thought Hicks was the Trump whisperer. She could bring up a topic and Trump would accept it after he rejected it when other people brought the same topic up for discussion.

In a word, Hicks was loyal to Trump. But the pressure of loyalty in Washington comes with a hefty price. And Hicks was beginning to pay that price. When she told Congress that part of her job was telling “little white lies for the president” it was game over for Hicks. Lies may be the foundation of our current political system, but if you admit you lie, then your political lights go out faster than a Trump tweet.

Trump gave Hicks high marks for standing by his side and filling his mind with information he didn’t want to hear. Trump is going to miss her more than the four previous communication directors. She was like Ivanka without the rhetoric and the super expensive personality. She is a beautiful young woman, and Trump likes to surround himself with beautiful women. But when he surrounds himself with beauty, it doesn’t end well for him.

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