Hillary Clinton Wants To Be Relevant In The Democratic Political Arena But He Past Comments May Prevent A Comeback


Hillary Clinton is part of a dynamic political duo. Bill and Hillary were the faces of the Democratic Party for years. When the Democratic National Committee was running low on funds, Hillary Clinton came to the rescue. She wanted the presidency more than she wanted anything else in life, so funding the DNC during her campaign was the prudent thing for her to do. Her political machine took over the Democratic Party. Clinton was able to discredit Bernie Sanders, by using the DNC. That underhanded move gave her a clear path to the presidency. Hillary was ready to go toe to toe with the Lex Luthor of the Republican Party, Donald Trump. Clinton was confident and she was sure she was going to win. After all, she was part of the fantastic duo of the 1990s and a former secretary of state. Hillary was also a former senator. So she was the best candidate for the job, according to her. She was ready to take over and keep a Democrat in the White House.

But Hillary made some serious political mistakes. One mistake was not taking Trump seriously. Right up until the media claimed Trump the winner, Hillary thought she won the battle. But Trump fought dirty. Plus, he cultivated a movement that Hillary missed. Trump reached into the angry and damaged underbelly of America, and he got the win. Hillary said Trump supporters were backward folks who can’t stand black people having rights. And she even threw in the fact that married women who do what their husbands say, not what they think, are to blame for her defeat. In other words, Hillary let the world know that she thought Trump voters were a bunch of American fools. Her words about Trump voters hurt her the first time she said them, but when she repeated those comments in a speech in India, she crossed another line.

Trump took Clinton apart and the former First Lady is still licking her wounds. She turned to Facebook recently to explain her comments about the people who didn’t vote for her. And those comments didn’t bring her any closer to mending fences with her own party. The Democratic party wants to put Hillary Clinton out to pasture, and just when party leaders think she just a New York grandmother again, she surfaces and makes their political lives a nightmare again. Hillary Clinton wants to be relevant again. But she’s out of time and credibility.

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