Coffee Shop Provides Hope To Customers

Coffee Shop, Detroit Sip

Jenna Watson stated that she is guilty of doing what many people have done. She stated that she has ignored the suffering of many people in the neighborhood. She is an attorney and felt compelled to do something to improve the lives of people who live in the neighborhood. She decided to open up a coffee shop called Detroit Sip.

Jenna is struggling to maintain a regular clientele. However, she stated that the coffee shop has achieved its purpose. She wanted it to be more than just another coffee shop. There are various events that take place at the coffee shop. People from all over the neighborhood tutor students. People from other businesses also come to the coffee shop to offer their services.

The coffee shop had a writer’s event back in February. The workshop helped people put together a resume. It was also a place for people to showcase their talent. Jenna stated that she has wanted to open a coffee shop ever since 2004. She saw that coffee shops had the power to bring people from different walks of life together.

Jenna had to step outside her comfort to make this dream come true. She had a lot of help from her family members and friends. She also had help from non-profit organizations. Ernest Smith, who works for American Property Management Services and is a close friend of Jenna’s, helped her construct the building. He still helps her with the business. He makes lattes and cappuccinos.

Jenna also has teenagers working at her shop. She stated that balancing work at the coffee shop with her legal job can be challenging at times. The business has required that she sacrifice time and money. However, Jenna is loving every minute of it. She stated that this is the first time in her adult life that she has enjoyed working.

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