Another Member Of The Bush Family Is Gaining Political Points In Texas

Jeb Bush, Politics

The Bush family has had a long political love affair with Texas. Texas is a political Petrie dish for the Bush family. Two presidents were political bottle babies in Texas, but another Bush, Jeb Bush, went rogue when he became Florida’s governor. But his son, George P. Bush is following in his grandfather’s and uncle’s footsteps in Texas. George P. is the current land commissioner in the state, and he just won his GOP primary race without breaking a sweat. The Bush name in Texas is like the Rocky name in Philadelphia. The family has a reputation for fighting for the people of Texas, and George P. is no exception.

During the primary, President Trump gave George P the support to overcome Jerry Patterson, a former Texas land commissioner. Trump still has supporters in Texas. Texas wants the GOP to stay in power. George P. didn’t break a sweat during the campaign, however. He knew he was a shoe-in because being a Bush in Texas is like being a De Medici in Italy. But the Bush family track record in American politics does have a few rough patches. Grandpa George was a World War II hero, and a strong politician who quietly took apart his political enemies piece by piece. George H. is a born fighter. Some opponents say his quest to win on the world stage was the impetus behind his son, George W’s attempt to bring Iraq’s leader to justice in the 1990s. Whatever the reason, George W. will go down in history as the president who made up a war in order to further his political image. Unfortunately, George W is a victim of his quest to be just like his father, and it backfired.

No one in Texas is sure what George P. really has to offer Texas in the future, but he has the desire and the money to be one of the Texas Republican Party’s new superstars. But some Democrats say the political reign of the Bush family is over. Jeb’s feeble attempt to win the Republican nomination in 2016, gave the family its first political black eye. Trump made sure Jeb looked like a fish out of water during the campaign debates, and the Bush family is still fuming over trump’s unkind comments.

But it’s hard to keep the Bush family down. And it’s hard for Texas not to vote for a candidate that calls himself a Bush.

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