The Taliban Says That Washington Invested In a Failed Campaign in Afghanistan

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One of the members of Taliban has said that the decision by US president Donald Trump to refuse to dialogue with the fighter group will only aggravate the war by triggering more attacks. Following a series of assaults this month in the Afghan capital of Kabul, President Trump released a statement on Monday that the United States was not going to hold any talks with the Taliban. This has been leading an armed rebellion against the US since President George W. Bush overthrew them from power in October 2001, through the US-led coalition forces.

The Taliban issued an official response to President Trump in which they stated that continuing the war would only increase losses for the US military regarding finances and human life. The former ambassador of the Taliban to Islamabad, Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef has said that the war will not have any solution if there are no talks between Washington and the Taliban. Zaeef added that the decision by the US government to exert more pressure to the Taliban through military action would only lead to more bloodshed and that the only way to solve the standoff was through dialogue. The former ambassador said that the Taliban were combat toughened veterans and that they would continue fighting, and it was critical for the US to talk more and listen more.

Mr. Zaeef said that Afghanistan should be left to decide its destiny based on culture and religion and that the US will have ended its most protracted war in centuries as a failure by continuing to stay and fight in Afghanistan. In recent weeks, President Donald Trump has deployed an additional 3,000 troops for combat against the Taliban regime in the mountains of Afghanistan. This latest deployment will bring the total number of American soldiers that are currently deployed in Afghanistan to 14,000.

The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction otherwise known as SIGAR on Monday allude that the Pentagon had classified information on the areas that are under the control of the central government in Afghanistan and the Taliban regime. According to another report that has been released by the BBC news network, 70% of all the districts in Afghanistan have pockets of Taliban resistance who have full control of 4% of the districts in the country. The report adds that the Taliban has demonstrated an open presence in a further 66% of all the districts in the war-torn country.

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