Share The Love At Stoneman Douglas High School

Stoneman Douglas High School

Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida was the scene of a deadly shooting on Valentine’s Day. The suspect is in jail right now, but the pain that he left behind after killing 17 people and injuring several others is fresh on the minds and the hearts of the students, teachers and the community. Ty Thompson is the principal of the school and he wants his students to know that they have his support and that everything is being done to make the school safer.

He recently shared a video detailing his own emotions and some of the thoughts that he has about the incident. Thompson wants his students to know that the shooting was unthinkable and that they shouldn’t be afraid to attend school. The holiday was supposed to be one where everyone shows their love. Instead, it was a day when someone entered the school and took away the innocence that the students had. Thompson vowed that the staff at the school would show students love and that the students should share the love as well.

It will take time and courage for everyone to begin to feel normal once again and to feel like they can go to school without being afraid. Thompson vowed in his video to hug students each day and to wrap them in warmth. He vowed to show them that they are loved and that they have all of the emotional support that they need for however long they need it in the school. The actions of the staff and the students likely resulted in fewer lives lost because everyone did as they had rehearsed during drills. Thompson also commended the emergency officials who responded to the scene in such a short time to get everyone out of the buildings and to make sure the suspect was located.

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