President Trump Speaks Facing Shooters Unarmed

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United States President Donald Trump raised the eyebrows of many with his proclamation that he would have run into the high school in Parkland, Florida unarmed if necessary where a deadly school shooting took place on February 14.

Trump, while speaking to a group of state governors says that he also believes that many of them would also take the same heroic action.

Many see this as a drastic change of course from the normal National Rifle Association rhetoric which suggests that good guys with guns are the only remedy for bad guys with firearms. The new remedy, as suggested by the country’s 45th president is more heroes.

The president’s remarks were in a large part aimed at both an armed security guard as well as members of the Broward County Sheriff’s Department. President Trump believes that entrusted personnel failed to respond to the shooter in an acceptable manner.

Trump called the actions of the deputies disgusting and commented on the officers’ worthiness for the medal of honor.

There is no doubt also that the president believes that everyday Americans possess the capacity for heroism. It is likely this belief that is the catalyst for the president’s desire to arm teachers and administrators in an effort to combat future school shootings.

Trump’s reasoning is that a security guard is not as emotionally invested in the children as teacher’s who interact with every day often are. The president backs his point by pointing out that many school personnel displayed courageous actions during the shooting in Florida. A geography teacher at Stoneman Douglas high school, Scott Beigel, lost his life to the shooter after unlocking a classroom where he had been safe to allow for students to enter.

Aaron Feis, who performed dual duties at the school as both an assistant football coach as well as a security guard, used his body to shield students and was shot and killed in the process.

The athletic director for the school, Chris Hixon, ran toward the gunfire in an effort to help students that were fleeing from the shooter. Hixon’s act of bravery also cost him his life.

Most people either hope or believe they are capable of such action under fire but as the president also points out there is no way to know what one will do in such situations until a test such as this presents itself.

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