Pastor Helps Single Mom’s Business Stay Open


A single mother who was struggling to keep her business open got help from an unexpected source. Terri Fleming has a business called So Nuts & Confections. Business was going great for a while. However, business recently experienced a slump.

She was not making enough to buy the ingredients she needed to make the sweets. She prayed that someone would help keep her business from sinking. Despite the fact that she had been praying, Terri did not expect her business to survive, so she prepared to move to Texas. She wanted to start a new life and forget about her business. Before she moved, she made a trip to Hope Church. Pastor Craig Strickland stated that he had recently went to Crosstown Concourse.

Terri was saddened to hear that because that is where her business is. She decided to reach out to Pastor Craig. She emailed him and told him her story. She talked about how she had a business, but she was moving to Texas because the business was not working out. She also stated that she needed some spiritual advice. Pastor Craig stated that he was touched by Terri’s story. He wanted to do whatever he could to help. He has friends who also help minority-owned businesses and non-profit organizations.

Pastor Craig went to the store and brought some supplies. Terri was back in business before she knew it. She stated that Pastor Craig acted as an angel. Pastor Craig has also helped serve customers at her business. He can be spotted behind the counter, taking orders and handing out treats. Members of the church have also volunteered to help Terri.

So Nuts & Confections is a store that serves sweet treats. Roasted, seasoned and flavored nuts are some of the items that this restaurant serves. This store also sells chocolate-covered strawberries.

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