French President Criticized For His Handling Of Calais Gang Violence

Calais Gang Violence

Politicians are furious over French President Emmanuel Macron’s handling of the recent gang violence in the port city of Calais. Conservative MPs are calling on Macron’s government to take a tougher stand on immigration enforcement to protect law-abiding French citizens. On the other hand, liberal MPs say Macron isn’t doing enough to protect migrant rights.

At least 20 people were injured and four people were critically shot in this latest Calais fight. Reporters say the two groups involved in this brawl were of Afghan and Eritrean origin.

President Macron sent his interior minister, Gérard Collomb, to the area where the shootout happened. In a statement to the press, Collomb urged migrants not to visit Calais if they intended on reaching England. He said it was extremely dangerous for migrants to try and cross the English Channel by boat.

In an attempt to restore order to this region, Macron ordered a heightened police presence in Calais. Macron also said he will send more complimentary meals to the migrants staying in the city.

One of Macron’s greatest critics is Mr. Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, the leader of the conservative Debout La France party. After the news of the gang violence broke, Mr. Dupont-Aignan called on the French government to do more to address the root causes of the migrant crisis.

The main issues in Mr. Dupont-Aignan’s eyes include the country’s soft stance on immigration, extremely generous welfare program, and open borders. Until these three root causes are addressed, Mr. Dupont-Aignan believes the migrant crisis will only intensify.

One program Mr. Dupont-Aignan supports is the creation of detention centers for illegal immigrants who are working to smuggle migrants from Calais across the English Channel. He also suggested that immigrants must reside in France for at least five years before they are able to collect welfare.

Although Mr. Duupont-Aignan thinks Macron isn’t doing enough to fix the immigration system, liberal critics say Macron is being too harsh on refugees. Some leftist pundits claim the French Government is now working on inhumane mass deportations of illegal immigrants.

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