Flu Season Takes Life Of Teacher

Flu Season, Health

The flu season is almost out of control in many areas of the United States. The number of deaths related to the flu has risen significantly over the past month, a situation that officials in some states have not had to deal with in years past. People are urged to get a flu vaccine, especially if they are in certain age brackets or if they work in certain environments. Unfortunately, a teacher in Texas died after getting the flu. She was unable to get the medicines that she needed to combat the symptoms of the flu because they were too expensive.

Heather Holland knew that she needed to get the necessary medications so that she would be healthy, but her insurance policy had a copay of $116 that she just couldn’t afford. Heather would have to pay that amount before getting the medications. Teaching second grade in Texas, Heather came into contact with students carrying all types of viruses and bacteria to class. After talking with her husband, Heather thought that the copay was too much and that the family could find cheaper insurance.

Heather’s husband went ahead and bought the medicine for his wife, but it was too late for the prescription to do any good. Her body was giving out at a rapid rate. Heather was in ICU on a Friday evening. After blood tests, her doctors decided to try dialysis the next day. Heather passed away that Sunday. She did what she thought that she had to do to protect her family. Heather’s husband and pastor talk about her children and the students she leaves behind. Officials have declared that this is possibly the worst flu season in years. Anyone who exhibits symptoms of the flu or who has been diagnosed is being urged to stay home and treat the symptoms with the proper medications and fluids.

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