Conservatives and Liberals Are Both Bitter For Different Reasons, Though Conservatives Might Be Happier


Throughout the world, “left-winged,” “right-winged,” “conservatism” and “liberalism” can mean completely different things—depending on what country you are in. In the United States, the “left wing” is associated with “liberalism,” and the “right wing” is associated with “conservatism.”

There are very big differences between the right and left wings in America. People from both sides are unhappy for different reasons. Left-winged individuals believe that their unhappiness comes from persecution. Right-winged individuals believe that their unhappiness is a product of bad personal decisions and the inherent difficulties of life.

It is more problematic when left-winged people are unhappy because sometimes they blame other people for things that they should be responsible for. The more left their views are, the more bitter they are.

Ultimately, to a very large extent, people are responsible for their own happiness. Happiness comes from a balanced state of mind. If you choose to look at the world in a glass-half-empty approach you are always going to be bitter and you will always think that you have it worse than you really do.

Dennis Prager, a writer for National Review, said that the most cheerful Black people who he has ever met were conservative, while the most miserable and resentful ones were left-winged. This is because of the fact that conservatives feel empowered in their lives and grateful, while liberals feel that they are being oppressed and can never change their problems.

Of course, Blacks, women and various other minority groups have faced hardships in the past. However, when a person puts too much emphasis on this aspect of American society, ingratitude and unneeded bitterness tends to ensue.

Many individuals who belong to historically persecuted minority groups have decent lives and have benefited from living in American society. They really should be happy when they aren’t.

Dennis Prager spoke of how his father was an Orthodox Jew. Despite being a historically persecuted minority, his father taught his children that America was a great place to cherish and be grateful for. As a result, Prager grew up happy, not looking at the world through the lens of the victim card. He went on to say that American minority groups are suffering from unneeded bitterness from growing up in environments where everyone is constantly dwelling on the idea of persecution.

So, according to Prager, left-winged people and right-winged people are both bitter. However, the bitterness of left-winged people is less valid because they cry over things that should not be obsessed over, and they absolve themselves of responsibility. Meanwhile, the only things that right-winged people are bitter about are their past decisions and the hard truths about life—things that people have more of a reason to be bitter about. Through this right-winged bitterness, people feel empowered to make things better for themselves. So, in a way, right-winged people are happier.

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