Bill Gates Warns that if the US cuts foreign Aid China and Other Superpowers will fill the Void

Bill Gates, Microsoft, Technology

Tech Giant Microsoft’s pioneer and one of the richest men on the globe, bill gates thinks that America can maintain its historical position of power and influence as a leader in World Affairs. However, Mr. Gates has warned that Washington risks losing its role as a global leader if the Trump administration continues to cut its foreign aid to nations that have been affected by conflict and other humanitarian needs for the second year in a row. On Monday, the White House approved an increase in military spending in place of the dollars that were sent abroad for aid to countries that have been tor with conflict.

Gates added that Washington can maintain its leadership position at the global stage in a deserved way through a phone interview where he was speaking about the rumbled US foreign aid cuts. He added that the US would give a leeway to other superpowers such as Russia and China to take over global leadership if American aid to poor nations diminishes. Gates also added that failing to disburse the millions of dollars in aid would also have strategic US alliances in different parts of the world strained to say that they would give special access to Beijing and Moscow which would compromise American interests in such regions.

President Trump requested the US Congress to pass legislation that would allow American aid to go to those nations that were friendly to Washington. Trump made these statements during his second state of the Union address since he took office early last year. Trumps said that the scale of those who are friendly to the United States would be measure3d basing on how countries vote for US resolutions at the United Nations. Bill Gates said that the amount of money that Washington spends on foreign aid is so little as compared to what Washington and her allies such as the United Kingdom disburse to international programs such as the JSF F-35 fighter program.

In 2017 alone, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation spend an excess of $4 billion on programs meant to combat HIV, malaria and other health scourges that pose a threat to global health. Much of this money was spent on the vulnerable people who live in the African continent who amount to 1.2 billion. Bill Gates said that the African continent was still positive about Washington and its role in global affairs and that it would be immoral for the US to ignore the plight of Africans.

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