What the United States Can Learn From Africa

Trump Administration

Even as President Donald Trump gave his list of developing countries from which he rejected immigrants from, there is much that the United States can learn from this countries. It is South Africa that first banned the government discrimination against gays by including it in the constitution. It also prohibited any sought of discrimination against people based on their disability or gender. America can sit down and get a lesson from the president of Sierra Leone who is committed to providing free medical care for children under the age of five and pregnant women including both prenatal care and deliveries. America does not give much attention to this issues. It is for this reason that America registers five times more maternal deaths than Britain.

When it comes to mobile money, Kenya is way ahead of America. Many Kenyans find it easier to transfer money using a mobile phone than a bank account. Almost every Kenyan has a mobile phone. At least 88 percent of mobile phone users in Kenya have a mobile money account. Kenyans keep wondering why America is so behind when it comes to telecommunications. There is a possibility that Rwanda will do away with cervical cancer ahead of America. Rwanda began vaccinating all girls against the human papillomavirus, which is known for causing cervical cancer. This way, Rwanda intends to eliminate cervical cancer by 2020. In America, only 65 out of one hundred girls are vaccinated for HPV. The health officials in Africa have done so much in promoting breastfeeding to ensure that babies are healthy. In Rwanda for instance, at least 87 percent of children are breastfed exclusively for six months. In America, only 20 percent of children are exclusively breastfed.

Nigeria, located in West Africa is dedicated to providing iodized salt to curb iodine deficiency which is known to cause mental disability and goiter. At least 93 percent of homes are provided with the iodized salt. In America, not all salt sold is iodized, even as the deficiency of iodine is becoming common. The United States government administration can learn some diplomacy from Botswana which directly askes the US to clarify whether it considers it a shithole. At least 39 percent of immigrants from Africa are likely to get a college degree as compared to 31 percent of America natives. Ken Roth, a Human Rights Watch, agrees that Africa has its problems, but that does not mean that it does not excel.

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