The Truth About Michael Flynn

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The former national security advisor for the White House, Michael Flynn, has done something drastic recently without President Donald Trump’s knowledge. Flynn met recently with two FBI investigators right in the West Wing in the early days of last year. The one who wasn’t present was a lawyer, and the members of the White House never knew it happened.

Just months before Robert Mueller was appointed to the investigative team that looked for the potential contacts between Russian sources and the Trump campaign, Flynn met with the FBI investigators in his office, located in the West Wing, to discuss the communications with the Russians. There were unidentified people there that were familiar with the entire matter.

The Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, apparently facilitated this meeting that was held on January 24, 2017. It was set up shortly after a phone call with the scheduler in Flynn’s office that day, and Trump was reported to be unaware of the meeting until a few days later on January 26.

Flynn held the meeting alone, excluding his lawyers or any lawyer from the NSC who normally attends these types of meetings. The former Attorney General, Sally Yates, was an informant for the White House lawyer, Don McGahn, and she reported of the meeting on January 26. McGahn was the first of the inner circle of Trump to learn about this secret meeting, which is exactly what he told the senior administration officials.

Michael Flynn joined the Trump administration as a retired lieutenant general in the Army to become Trump’s national security advisor at the start of January 2017. Just a few weeks later, Flynn resigned from his position and role after a series of incidents that alleged him to mislead statements to Mike Pence, the Vice President, about any contacts with the Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak. This raised major concerns in the eyes of the Justice Department, stating that Flynn could be at risk for blackmail.

Trump told reporters later that Flynn was fired from his position due to the words and things he said to Pence. Even though Trump considered Flynn to be a good man, Flynn did plead guilty for lying to the FBI later in 2017. It was part of the investigation by the bureau to look into the collusion potential between Russia and the Trump campaign. Flynn is now working to cooperate with the probe of the special counsel, and the office of the special counsel as well as the White House has declined to comment on the news.

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