Russian President Putin Says America’s Stupid for Publishing a List of Oligarchs and Aides from Moscow

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Some political commentators and foreign policy experts have argued that the list comprising of 210 names of the most powerful Russian oligarchs and aides could give oxygen to anti-western feelings in Moscow and give more support to president Putin. The Russian leader quickly struck the chord saying that millions of Russian citizens were employed by firms and corporations that were either owned or run by those who were listed by the US government. He said that the move by Washington was intended to strike a blow to the ordinary Russian citizens.

At a meeting where Putin met the activists of his campaign alluded that all 146 million Russian citizens had been attacked in some way by the published list. He added that the move was undoubtedly an unfriendly one which only served to worsen an already strained relationship between Washington and Moscow and was going to hurt relations in the entire community of nations. The US Congress ordered the list which has since triggered lots of anxiety in the public sphere amid claims that Russians had interfered in the presidential campaigns and elections of 2016.

The list has since sent a shockwave in the wealthy Russian class of entrepreneurs and investors who now fear that they may be blacklisted from the global system of finance. The US Department of the Treasury gives a list of top businessmen from Moscow including the Chief executives of the two most prominent banks in Russia, the head of the state gas monopoly and the bosses of metal magnates and other oligarchs who are very close to President Putin and Russian power. However, the US government under the President trump’s leadership said that it was not going to sanction anyone who was included in the list which came as a big surprise for many commentators.

Some legislators and politicians in the United States questioned the move by President Trump saying that the timing was suspicious given the investigation on his involvement with Kremlin during the 2016 presidential campaigns. Lawmakers, especially from the Democratic Party, have since questioned the administration’s commitment and willingness to confront Russia over the campaign and elections issue. In a sarcastic tone, President Putin said that it hurt him that his name was not included in the list. He said that it was stupid for Washington to put Moscow in the same leagues as failed nations such as Iran and North Korea while at the same time being asked to take part in solving the nuclear crisis in the Korean peninsula.

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