The Projects for the US Government in Territories Owned By Palestine Face A Backlash


The projects that are being funded by the United States government in the occupied territories of Palestine are facing a backlash. This is amid the calls and speculations that the Palestinians will organize boycotts and stage protests in response to the recognition of Jerusalem as the official Capital of Israel by the Trump administration. A wave of discontent and anger have been filling the Palestinian air since the announcement that was made by President Trump in December last year.

The protests are targeted at stopping the participation of NGOs from Palestine from taking part in the programs that have been funded by the American government. These programs include the clean water delivery to law students in the occupied territories. This was according to officials from both the American envoys in the Middle East and the Palestinian officials. Protests have been managed to have the Palestinian NGOs refuse to meet with the project managers for the US-funded programs. There have also been massive requests by groups that have been benefiting from American aid money seeking waivers to have branding that is linked to the US removed.

These calls have even proposed the removal of the American flag from their materials used for promotion. The Boycott in Palestine, Divestment, Sanctions national committee, BDS, has been one of the groups that are relentless in the push for NGOs from Palestine to have a boycott that is more organized against the projects that have been receiving funding from the US government. BDS made a statement urging the people of Palestine in the occupied territories to boycott activities that have been funded or organized by the United States government such as USAID in the new Israeli capital of Jerusalem and foreign lands.

There have been offers of assistance that have already been rejected, and other events called off. These included the decision by law schools from Palestine to cancel their attendance for the international event planned by the US consulate to offer the law students with air tickets to tour the United States. An upcoming Palestinian Central Council meeting is set to discuss further details on the boycott issue. The meeting of the council is set to deliberate on the decision by the Trump administration to recognize Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel.

President Trump announced that his government was moving their American embassy in Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem late last year. The American ambassador to the United Nations also said that Jerusalem was the rightful religious, and administrative capital of Israel since time immemorial.

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