President Trump Responds to Kim’s Nuclear Threat on Twitter

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The US president has taunted the supreme leader of North Korea about the lethality and size of his nuclear weapons. This was after the US ambassador to the United Nations Nicki Haley said that the trump administration would never take any talks between Seoul and Pyongyang seriously if Kim Jong Un failed to disband his nuclear missile program and destroy the stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction. Trump based his provocative tweet using Kim’s New Year Message to the people of North Korea.

President Trump has in the past used the term “Little Rocketman” to refer to the North Korean leader. Trump said that he has a nuclear button that is more powerful and much bigger as compared to that of Kim Jong Un. The US president also added that his nuclear button also works. Kim, in his New Year address in Pyongyang, issued a stern warning to Washington and President Trump that his nuclear troops were now complete. Kim also noted that his atomic button top launch missiles to the United States were always within his reach.

The tweet by President Trump came hours after his UN ambassador distanced the United States government worth any talks that would be held between Pyongyang and Seoul. Haley said that such negotiations would not mean anything if Pyongyang did not stop investing I its missile program. Just a few hours after the Tweet, the North Korean regime opened a communication line to the south via the 38th parallel which gave some hope of diplomacy in the profoundly troubled Korean peninsula.

The tweet by president trump drew some snark and condemnation from lawmakers hailing from the Democratic Party and other experts in foreign and international relations. One of the Democratic legislators from Connecticut Jim Himes said that the tweet by the president showed an impulse that demonstrated that the United States is stronger and bigger than any other country on earth.

Himes also noted that what the president of the United States says does not matter anymore since it is infantile, not true, strange and bizarre. However, Trump is his address of 2018 in Washington alluded that his decisions and resolutions as president do not include tweets from his twitter handle. A former top official from the George W Bush government, Eliot Cohen, who is also a sharp critic of the trump administration said that the pronouncement by President Trump was spoken like a petulant child who is 10-years old.

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