President Trump Closing In On Dreams Of Border Wall

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The White House has revealed a plan that would allow for an estimated 1.8 million undocumented immigrants that were brought to America as children to be given a path to U.S. citizenship. But in return, a $25 billion trust fund that will be used to build a wall on the border that exists between the United States and Mexico must be approved.

The plans that were outlined mirror comments that President Trump gave to the media Wednesday at a White House press briefing. Trump said that he would reconsider his position on the citizenship possibilities for individuals that were formerly protected by the DACA order of former President Barack Obama.

Trump veered far from past comments on the matter by saying that he could see a future in about “10 or 12 years” where these individuals could enjoy the rights of United States citizens.

The White House has promised to release more details Monday on its immigration proposal but officials wishing to remain anonymous informed that the president is willing now to extend citizenship opportunities not only to the 800,000 DACA participants but also to as many as a million more individuals that declined to sign up for the DACA program.

Trump’s plan would require that immigration that is family-based to be restricted to include only minor children and spouses and would no longer include the reunifications of adult children and members of extended family groups. The president’s plan would also eliminate the visa lottery system that has been the object of much disdain from President Trump.

It has been made clear by officials knowledgeable of the President’s position that no plan for citizenship will take place without the funding for the security wall that he promised on the campaign trail.

The White House plan is not a favorite of the President’s most hardline supporters. Breitbart News, a conservative media group that routinely champions everything Trump, ran an unflattering piece recently about the President’s apparent redirection on the issue entitled ‘Amnesty Don.’

Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas points out that DACA did not contain a pathway to citizenship. Cruz went on to express that he feels it would be a slap In the face to voters that supported the President to now offer citizenship alternatives to individuals that are presently residing in the country illegally.

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